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Location: Westhill, Aberdeenshire

This sloping garden was transformed from a wasted space into an attractive, multi-layered area with a waterfall and pond centrepiece. We created a rotunda circle patio and steps leading up to a decking area.

Location: Turriff, Aberdeenshire

We built retaining walls and decking, with a half rotunda circle at front door and a gravelled drive, creating outdoor seating areas.

Location: Aberdeen

We took the two seperate patios in this garden and turned them into one large seating area with a beautiful design using multiple sized slabs and rotunda circles. We also created new doorsteps to complement the patio and a retaining wall with a small step onto the lawn.

Location: Inverurie, Aberdeenshire

This rough, unkempt garden was given two layers, with an attractive red and grey slabbed lower level and a terraced upper level, turfed with the shed moved to the corner to open up space in the garden. A retaining wall was built to seperate the levels with a small step.

Location: Manofield, Aberdeen

This garden was completely returfed, building a retaining wall and steps down to the lower level, where a small path and rotunda circle was laid, surrounded by gravel. A gravel path was put down alongside the turfing running the length of the garden.

Location: Oakhill Road, Aberdeen

This overgrown area was turned into an easy to maintain garden with the upper level tidied up and decking put in along with curved-top fencing. The main garden was terraced and gravelled over, with a retaining wall and step at the end of the garden up to a wooden arch. A rotunda patio circle was laid and rockery around the corner along with a pond and waterfall feature.

Location: Arbroath, Angus

For this garden we laid decking along one side of the garden leading onto a paved area. This ajoins a slated area with an attractive paved circle and water feature in the centre. The rest of the garden was turfed over.

Location: Arbroath, Angus

This garden was redesigned with a raised decking area outside the back door, with a step down to another decking area running along the bottom of the garden, which surrounds a textured paved area to create an easy to maintain garden for the customer.

Location: Balmedie, Aberdeenshire

For this garden we erected a fence and built raised beds. A wall was built seperating a paved back door area from turfed garden, with planted out rockeries and a waterfall. We also built a monoblocked driveway out the front of the house.

Location: Dundee

A sloped garden customer could get no use of, we built a raised deck, retaining walls, a bridge over the stream wih a waerfall, arches, ornamental rock work, Cotswold Buff gravel with stepping stones, steps up to the deck with bark and plants throughout the garden along with chinese ornaments.

Location: Friockheim, Angus

A sloped garden with grass, we built a raised pond with waterfall, slabbed with hexagonal textured slabs and decking area.

Location: Monifieth, Angus

This garden started out full of grass and shrubs. We created an easy to maintain garden, with waterfall and pond with Fyfestone walls and coping, rockeries planted out with low maintenance plants, bark laid in borders, ornaments and lights laid out with the back door slabbed.

Location: Broughty Ferry, Dundee

Grassed area and beds, redone as an easy to maintain garden with small planted out rockeries and a raised circular lightly planted area in the centre of the garden with retaining wall.

Location: Kings Cross, Aberdeen

Overgrown front garden redone with rockeries, steps and metal arch, retaining walls and gravel with coping.

Location: Letham Grange, Angus

For this garden we removed the soil and trees to create an easy maintenance garden with gravl, raised beds and rockeries.

Location: Montrose, Angus

This new build property started off as a blank canvas. We created a number of rockeries and planted out areas, as well as a curved path and patio area. Around the sloped edge of the garden we created an attractive rockery area, with a retaining wall curved around to a pond and waterfall area.

Location: Oakhill Road, Aberdeen

One of three new build gardens we did for this street. For this new build showhome, we created a two layered garden with a sculpted turfed area on the lower level, with flower beds and rockeries planted out. We built a retaining wall and steps with an arch leading up to a second turfed area. We created a slabbed patio area and step around the house and wall seperating the lower level garden area.
This video was taken 3 years after original completion so plants and flowers bedded have been able to flourish and add to overall beauty of the design.

Location: Oakhill Road, Aberdeen

Second of three gardens done on this street, we did both front and back gardens. We built steps and rockeries throughout the garden planted out. We built a slabbed patio area around the house and a small slabbed seating area in the far corner with a gravel pathway and paving stones leading towards the front of the house, with steps leading up to the house.
More small steps lead up to the main garden from patio area, which is again sculpted turf with Fyfestone walls curving round the far end. Steps lead up to a raised flower bed with small stepping stones.

Location: Oakhill Road, Aberdeen

Third of three gardens done on this street, we went with a hard based design for this garden using gravel across the main garden area and built two raised ponds with granite retaining walls. We also constructed a shed base and erected a shed, as well as creating a number of planted rockeries throughout the garden. Around the house we laid a patio with a small pathway leading to steps round to front of the house, surrounded by red coloured gravel. We lined the edge of the main garden area with rocks to allow space for a flower bed around three sides next to the perimeter fence.

Location: Westhill, Aberdeenshire

For this new build property we erected a fence around the garden. We then laid a Wetherdale slab patio and turf across the rest of the garden and stepping stones.

Location: Arbroath, Angus

This sloped garden was redesigned creating a lightly planted gravelled area along the bottom of the garden, combined with rockeries. We built layered retaining walls and a slabbed ramp up towards the top of the garden, where we laid a seating area. The rest of the garden had turf laid, and we also repaired a fence due to storm damage.

Location: Arbroath, Angus

For this garden we created an easy to maintain garden, with a raised decked area with ramp for accessibility. Around the garden we created a number of planted rockeries and an attractive water feature, with gravel put down over the garden.

Location: Broughty Ferry, Dundee

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Location: Carnoustie, Angus

This rough, unkempt yard was transformed into a smart, easy to maintain layered garden. Around the house we created a patio using buff textured slabs, surrounded by a natural stone retaining wall with coping. We built steps leading up to the top layer which was covered by Cotswold Buff Gravel, with a slabbed rotunda circle at the top of the steps.

Location: Arbroath, Angus

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Location: Kingswells, Aberdeen

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Location: Arbroath, Angus

We created a raised pond and waterfall here, with plants around the edge of the waterfall. We used a Spider Filter cleaning system under the gravel to ensure the pond stays clear.

Location: Cattofield, Aberdeen

With this sloping garden we first levelled it out, then built a pond with screening overlooked by a raised deck with seating area.

Location: Arbroath, Angus

We built raised beds in this garden and laid gravel. We also built a red monoblock driveway and path along the front of the house with grey monoblock border.

Description 30